Master your YouTube influence and growing your business

What is a YouTube influencer?

It’s someone who develops a channel and has a large number of subscribers in their chosen field. YouTube is a huge platform and offers influencers a huge reach. With the right influencer marketing, you can create trends and make big bucks on your platform. Imagine bringing entertainment and joy to millions of people doing what you love every day.

Every potential niche has at least one influencer on YouTube, and some niches have multiple influencers. We have influencers in travel, video games, product reviews, and more. Some of these influencers make a lot of money. You can’t become a YouTube influencer overnight. Earning influencer status requires dedication and consistent effort. Set your influencer goals and develop a plan to reach them.

Life as a YouTube influencer is a great option if you love making videos that people enjoy watching. A successful YouTube influencer can earn a lot of money. You may have seen examples of these people making money. It’s the best job in the world because you get paid a lot for what you love. This special report provides the advice and guidance you need to start your journey as a YouTube influencer. By following the steps in this report, you’ll maximize your chances of success.


Certain individuals have some glaring misgivings about raking in boatloads of cash on YouTube. They don’t believe some of the top influencers’ published earnings numbers.

The truth is that they make a lot of money and use different methods to achieve it. top influencers on YouTube.

The main powerhouse on YouTube is a person named PewDiePie. He was number one for a while. His channel currently has over 111 million subscribers. Since starting YouTube, he has created and uploaded over  4000 videos. A new video usually gets millions of views within days of being published. His real name is Felix Kerberg, he is from Sweden and now lives in the UK. He is active in his very popular video gaming niche.

People enjoy videos of him playing and commenting on himself. He is estimated to make $3 million in 2021. This seems low because he has multiple different sources of income. Whatever his true income as a YouTube influencer is, it is a significant amount and he is living proof that top influencers can build wealth. His second biggest influencer on YouTube is the PewDiePie Highlights  channel.


A simple idea brought wealth to its creators.

MrBeast is another top YouTube influencer that many have heard of this channel now has over 158 million subscribers and his videos are as popular as ever. In his videos he faces different challenges. Other popular influencers include lifestyle video creator Kimberly Loaiza from Mexico and comedy team Smosh.

YouTube influencers changed the way marketing works with the advent of YouTube influencers, the mechanics of his online marketing have changed a lot. Companies are now aware of the enormous power and influence of these influencers and are actively spending large sums of money on things like promoting their products.

Influencer marketing will definitely stick. Influencers are present not only on the YouTube, but also on other social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. If these people can be influencers on YouTube, so why cannot you.


How to start your YouTube influencer journey?

The first thing to say here is that becoming a YouTube influencer with the potential to earn a lot of money is not easy. If so, more people would be doing it. In the previous section, we’ve seen examples of top influencers and their activities. All of these influencers earn huge amounts of money from their YouTube platform, sponsorships, and more. The most important thing you can do to start your YouTube influencer journey is to believe that it is possible for you. I want an objective and an arrangement.

The best way to start your career as a YouTube influencer is to set goals for what you want to achieve with your career. You need to define exactly what you are trying to do and make it a challenging and exciting goal. If your goal is inspiring, it will give you the extra motivation you need to work toward it every day. Goals define the type of videos you create and help you understand who your target audience is. It’s important to be completely clear at the outset what you want to do with your YouTube channel.

This is how the foundation of the company is laid. After setting a goal, you need to make a plan to reach it. A plan defines the actions you will take each day to get closer to your goals. We can’t have a perfect plan, but we need a plan to guide us.


How to create a channel

Create a channel in the event that you don’t have a YouTube account, you’ll have to make one. You’ll need a free Google account, such as a Gmail email address, to do this. Your channel needs a name and you need to visualize what you want it to look like. The best channels have attractive graphics, and if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself, you can outsource this to

Your channel name should tell users what you are doing. Make it as memorable as possible. Do some keyword research using Google Keyword Planner to get ideas for video titles in your chosen niche. Using keywords in your channel helps people better understand what your channel is about. On the other hand, you can make a brand name for your channel.

 Some people use their own names or create aliases. Letters can also be used as abbreviations. Influencer Marquez Brownlee uses MKBHD as his channel name.

This has the advantage of having a short name and being easily recognizable on YouTube and other social channels. Choosing a catchy channel name is very important. We want to make it easier for users to remember channel names.


What niche are you in

Choosing the right niche for your YouTube channel is important. This is a good idea if you have a keen interest in technology and travel. To be a successful YouTube influencer, you need to choose a niche that is popular with YouTube users. Some YouTube influencers are active in multiple fields. Nothing prevents you from doing so in the future. However, we recommend choosing a niche first.


What would you vote for

This is something you should not ignore. You need to create engaging videos on your channel to attract views and subscribers. Defining your voice early on the best way to do this. You already know who your target audience is, so how are you going to communicate with them? Creating a profile for your ideal follower is great and will help you define your voice. Consider the demographics of your profile subscribers.


What is their age group, gender, interests, hobbies, employment status, place of residence, etc

The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to become a successful YouTube influencer. Creating a joint profile will give you clarity and help you decide what type of video content you want to create for your audience.

The most successful YouTube influencers don’t pretend they aren’t. Better to be “yourself”. This will make it more straightforward for you to make drawing in recordings for your crowd.

 It’s not easy to keep up the “behavior” by pretending you’re not someone else. Use your personality to capture your audience’s attention. They don’t want you to be a Hollywood star, so don’t waste your time being a Hollywood star.

Yes be natural and excited about your position in the video and the views and subscribers will come. Create engaging videos YouTube influencers do not shy away from being in front of the camera. If you have any doubts about this, move on. You will only build a large following through KLT (Know, Like and Trust). If viewers can’t see your face in your videos, they won’t be able to contact you KLT. Think about what kind of videos you can create for your channel. How-to videos are very popular on YouTube and are sought after by many users. If you’re an expert in your field, create a video to show your audience how to overcome the problem.


Another popular type of video on YouTube is product reviews. Here, you will talk about different products and talk about your likes and dislikes.

Use affiliate marketing to earn commissions

Here you can use affiliate marketing to earn commissions for recommending products. Always think about the value you can bring to your video. Never create an “introduction” video. People don’t like to be betrayed. Show and talk is best practice. No matter what genre you create, you can make your videos interesting. Many domains change frequently and you can be a YouTuber to keep your audience up to date with these changes. New products and services, changes in the way we work, such as regulations, the possibilities here are almost endless. Just keep an eye on the pulse of what’s happening in your niche. It doesn’t matter if you have competitors in your niche; it’s actually good because it shows the demand for video. Niche market adding your personal touch can make your videos unique.


Create a content plan

Creating a content plan will keep you focused and never run out of ideas for future videos. Start by brainstorming your specialty.

Write it all down, and by the time you’re done brainstorming, you should have a long list. You can get inspiration from other YouTube video creators.

What do they do and how can you do it better

Don’t worry about finding completely unique video content ideas. If there is a popular video in your niche, how would you improve it?

Solving the problems your audience faces in your niche should be your primary focus. If you don’t know what those problems are, find out. Your audience will appreciate creating videos that answer their burning questions.


Understand about video industry

Regardless of the videos you decide to make for your YouTube channel, they should be of high quality. That doesn’t mean you need Hollywood-style equipment to shoot your videos. You need an HD camera and a good microphone. Also, we recommend that you purchase a stand or tripod for your camera. No one will be affected if your video is of low quality. Yes, you can record video with your smart phone, but the quality might not be the best. We suggest putting resources into a decent camera and a microphone. You need to take your YouTube influencer business seriously.


Video editing should be good

There are some great free tools available for video editing. For Windows PCs, you can use Movie Maker, available for free from Microsoft. Apple computer users can use iMovie.

You can buy other video editing software to do more advanced things, but it’s not a requirement to get started. Do a Google search to see what other free video editing software is available. We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to create and edit videos. These devices are much more powerful than your phone or tablet. Using a larger screen is also a good idea, especially when editing. If you create usage videos and need to record your screen, you need good screen recording software.

OBS Studio is free and available for Windows and Mac computers. It has everything you need to get started. When you’re recording on camera, you have to be in the middle.


Video recording

You can use the “rule of thirds”, dividing the screen into thirds and standing in the middle. Be prepared to practice with the camera until you get the exact result. Instead of creating a script for your video and reading it out loud as you record, we recommend creating a list of key points  to cover in the video. Reading a text can feel unnatural, and that’s something you want to avoid.

Use of video techniques for search engine optimization

YouTube is the second biggest web crawler on the planet after Google.

Many people use YouTube to search for what they want because they’d rather watch a video than read a blog post. No matter how good your videos are, if subscribers can’t find them through search, you’re wasting their time. You should optimize every video you upload for SEO to give it the best possible chance to appear in search results for specific keywords. 

For every video  you make, you need to do some keyword research  first. You can do this free of charge with Google Catchphrase Organizer.

Decide which keywords you think people will search for to find your video. Put your  keyword in the title of the video. Below the video is the video description box where you need to add text and include your keywords.

You can also add the URL to your video description. Tag your video with the keywords  you want to appear in search results. We recommend that you remind  viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel and like your video at least once. You can likewise request that they compose a survey. Individuals should be determined what to do on the web.

Nextr Technology

Video thumbnails should be attractive

Finally,  create attractive thumbnails for your videos. If you don’t add a thumbnail, YouTube will choose part of your video as the image. It was fine a couple of years prior, not any longer.

 Create amazing thumbnails for YouTube videos for free with Be consistent with your thumbnail design so you can stand out from the crowd and  users can instantly recognize your video. You can outsource thumbnail creation to if you want.


New videos are posted regularly

 If you want to be a successful YouTube influencer, you have to be persistent. Many good influencers post new videos two or three times a week and that seems to work well for them. You can use this number if you can’t do it at first. As your subscriber base grows, they’ll want to keep up with your video posts. For example, if you start  posting videos every Tuesday, stick to it. Tell your followers that you’ll be posting every Tuesday, and do your best to stick to it.

Posting new videos regularly will help you grow your video library. The more videos  on your channel, the more content your subscribers will have  to watch. This is good for your overall YouTube ranking because it tells the algorithm that your video is popular.


Use social media to promote your video

All successful YouTube influencers have social media channels  to promote their videos. You don’t need to create a profile on every social media platform. What you  need to do is  find out where your target audience is and make sure you have profiles on those channels.  If your audience is mostly on Facebook, chances are they aren’t on TikTok etc. Get your work done here and figure out which social stages your crowd utilizes.


Analysis your YouTube competitors

YouTube channels of your competitors to see what social networks they use. Once you have the necessary social channels, you can add content to them. Of course, you want to notify your subscribers when you start a new YouTube video. But if you can do more than that, even better. Building an audience on different social channels takes time, and posting valuable content on a regular basis is the best way to do it.

Tell the story of your YouTube channel on your social network.

  • Why did you create it?
  • What are your goals for this channel?

Ask your social media followers for ideas for new video content you can create. Involve them  as much as possible. Engagement and interaction are essential to building and maintaining a good following on social media platforms.


Carry out video surveillance

After uploading a few videos,  start monitoring their performance. There are many useful metrics available in YouTube Analytics. You can see at a glance how many views your videos have gotten; the number of comments left by users and other important metrics by monitoring these metrics, you can see which  videos are getting the most engagement.

  • Ask yourself why that is?
  • What makes these videos more popular? 

You can find the audience retention graph in YouTube Analytics to see what your audience is doing.

Use this information to find out:

  • The most popular video clips to share
  • The number of times viewers click away from the video or  channel
  • Feedback to help you improve your video

 You must be prepared to constantly improve your videos.

For example, if you find that viewers are clicking away from one of your videos at the same time, find out why this is happening. Some people may leave valuable feedback on how to improve your video or give you ideas for new content. When you get feedback on your videos, make sure you respond as soon as possible. Constructive feedback from users is always appreciated.


Using YouTube’s promotional strategy

Once you’ve created and uploaded your videos to your YouTube channel, you can use platform-specific strategies to promote your channel and videos. Most YouTube video uploaders won’t use these strategies, but you should because they’ll help you get more views and subscribers.

Create a channel trailer

You can choose to upload a promotional video to your channel, which we recommend.

This will help convince users who haven’t signed up yet to subscribe. Trailers can be set to play automatically when a user lands on your channel page. Keep your teaser video short but fun and exciting. Be sure to tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel so they don’t miss out on any great videos you plan to upload in the future.


Increment the quantity of supporters of your YouTube channel

You have the option to create a subscribe link that will appear on all videos in the bottom right corner. This is a proven strategy that can help you get more subscribers to your YouTube channel. Another strategy to gain more followers is to create a branded watermark.

People who watch your video will see this watermark, and if they click it, they’ll have the option to subscribe to a file channel.

Subscribers are used to seeing these watermarks and you should use this tactic to get more subscribers.


Use a catchy title

You need to get the right balance of video titles. We recommend including your main keyword in your video title, but we also recommend keeping the title as short as possible.

Your video title is the most important SEO component. Don’t just use keywords in the title. A lot of people do, it’s just lazy. Add catchy words to capture your audience. Keep your title as short as possible, as only the first 5 characters will appear in YouTube search results.

How to make an impact on YouTube

This section describes how to monetize your YouTube channel. Despite what you may have heard, you don’t need to have millions of subscribers to make money from your videos and channel. Become a micro-influencer you might be surprised to learn how many businesses are looking for YouTube channels with a small number of loyal subscribers. If they see that your business, products and services are a great fit, they will be interested in working with you.


Loyalty is key here

Sponsors want to see your video and they look forward to it every time you upload a new video. They also check comments, number of likes, etc. to measure your engagement.

Create statistical files for potential sponsors in this report, we recommend that you check the basic statistics of your channel and your videos. We also recommend that you save the statistics to show to any potential sponsors.


Here are some metrics you should start recording:

  • Participate in your videos
  • Increase the number of subscribers to your channel
  • Segment information like geographic area

When you think about it, sponsors care about how much your audience interacts with your video.

If you work with a sponsor, they want you to promote their products and services in your video.

It is not enough to put affiliate links in the description. It’s important to show potential sponsors that your channel is growing. Track your subscribers and increase video views over time.


What part of your video does your audience usually watch?

Retention rate is important and should increase as your channel grows. Be proactive and research potential sponsors Instead of waiting for potential sponsors to contact you, we recommend that you take the initiative to find potential sponsors for your channel.

You can use Google search to find companies that fit your niche. If your pipeline is still small, contacting large companies may not work. Build a list of potential sponsors, then email them and ask if you can send them your latest channel metrics and videos. Offer them the chance to sponsor your channel/video or advertise on your video.


Join the YouTube Partner Program

If you meet the requirements, you can join the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to run ads on your videos.

You may earn a share of the revenue for viewing these ads. To qualify, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and more than 4000 watch hours in the last year.


Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

You can promote related products or services in your videos.

Sign up as an affiliate for these products and services and add your affiliate link in the description box. When sales are made through your referral link, you will earn a commission. These leads are sure to make you a lot of money as a YouTube influencer. But first you need to build a good audience on the platform.

Follow the methods outlined in this specific report and you will have the best chance of success.

You need to create engaging videos that subscriber want to watch. If your content is good, people will naturally subscribe to your channel. Choose a specialty and become an expert in it. Answer your audience’s burning questions.


There are numerous ways of adapting your YouTube channel.

Your best bet is to find the sponsors and advertisers you work with as they are more likely to pay you more.

You can also join the YouTube Partner Program to earn advertising revenue and to subscribe to related products and services.

We wish you every success in becoming a successful YouTube influencer!


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